Published Works

Degrees of Freedom
Cantarabooks, Summer 2009

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An ebook of Degrees of Freedom was published in Summer 2009 by Cantarabooks. Visit my bookpage at Cantarabooks here to read more. Please visit and write a note!

DoF Synopsis: A work of literary fiction that touches on themes of art history, food, and geography, Degrees of Freedom is set in Seville, Spain, and more specifically the city’s Museo de Bellas Artes gallery. The novella chronicles one man’s search to mend the unraveling seams of his life — a rocky relationship with a temperamental daughter, and a failing epistolary (and achingly platonic) friendship with an art critic for the Rome Times – using art as his therapy. As he immerses himself in the vibrancy of the Sevillan streets, the food, the people, and most compellingly, the portraiture housed in the maze of tiny galleries at the Museo, he is shaken into a surreal sense of consciousness by the profound impact that art, place, and history can stamp – sometimes favorably, and sometimes mercilessly — on life.

About Cantarabooks: Cantarabooks is a boutique small press of both ebooks and paperbacks with a growing international audience and a growing reputation for editorial excellence. The press is modeled, editorially, after Hogarth Press, which was founded in 1917 by authors Leonard and Virginia Woolf. An article about the connection between Cantarabooks and Hogarth Press can be found here.

Mused Literary Review, Summer 2009

Just published in the Summer 2009 edition of Mused Literary Review is a short story “Caravaggio.” Caravaggio is listed under the “Fiction” section here My bio is listed here


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