I am fascinated by all things art, but art history in particular. This blog is a mish-mash of musings on that topic. My interest is purely a hobby — a passion and enveloping juggernaut that I just can’t shake (#1 favorite way to spend my time is asking 2,000 questions on a docent tour). 

My novella “Degrees of Freedom”, which explores themes in art and art history, was published this summer by Cantarabooks. To read more about “Degrees of Freedom” visit my book page at Cantarabooks’ site: http://cantara.squarespace.com/degrees-of-freedom/ 

The Summer 2009 edition of Mused Literary Review features the short story “Caravaggio.” Caravaggio is listed under the “Fiction” section here http://www.bellaonline.com/review/issues/summer2009/

To prepare for my “day job,” I graduated with a Masters in Public Administration from the Center for Public Policy and Administration at the University of Massachusetts; and with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Geography (study of population and cultural shifts), and a Minor in Environmental Science, from the University of Maryland.



  1. Hi Lori. I saw your comment on Cantarabooks and see you’ll be their author as well. I’d love to read your novella when it comes out. Thanks for a nice comment.

  2. This site is worthy of admiration; its scope, detail and ambition impart the significance of art history.
    My own interest in Art History began with my studies in Mayan Archeology along with Sumerian Cuniform script, all which I’m sure you’re familiar with in some detail.
    Can you comment on why you chose the title ‘Degrees of Freedom’? I’m sure their is a significant philosophical import to that title.
    I will return here, especially regarding Dora Maar, Picasso, Poussin and others that I admire. I hope you don’t regard my ambition as pretentious.
    P.S. Are you familiar with Jane Jacobs?

  3. Hi William,

    Thank you for your kind words, and for your sprinkling of anecdotes about yourself. I named the title “Degrees of Freedom” after a novella that I wrote. It makes more sense with respect to the theme of the novella than with the subject matter of this blog, but I think as a general phrase it makes you stop and think – about how things are connected in history, geography, and art/culture. So in some broad way I suppose it applies!

    I am familiar with Jane Jacobs, largely because I have a degree in geography and she was quite an influence on urban design.

    Thank you again for commenting!


  4. Hello Lori,
    I’m the Public Relations intern at The Cleveland Museum of Art. I am trying to find any contact information like an email or phone number for your blog. The museum would like to add this blog to its media contacts per recommendation of some of our curators. We would be able to give you the latest news releases and media advisories of upcoming exhibitions and events at the museum. I would very much appreciate any information you have. Thank you for your time.

    Warm Regards,
    Christina Morse

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