The Rise of the Food Truck At Art Parties

The first Thursday of every month, the Phillips Collection in DC hosts the ultimate party – docent tours, yummy food, and music all tied to a theme. The museum bursts at the seams from 5-8:30 and about 1,000 people let loose in the labyrinthine building.

This month the museum continued it’s festivities around the current exhibit ‘Made In America’ which includes one of my favorite US-born movements ‘Abstract Expressionism,’ that exudes a rebellious style, anarchy, and roots in Surrealism. Emerging post World War II in New York, and drawing from artists such as Pollock, the movement essentially enabled the city to usurp Paris as a nucleus of emerging art.

The Phillips always throws down a good spread, this time inviting food trucks with American eats, such as Luke’s Lobster truck and local ice-creameries.

Always looking to create a buzz and cultivate a younger community, the food trucks were the perfect hit!


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