Overplayed and Overdone?

What happens when you love an artist’s work, but are bored with his “world view”?

This is my impression of Lee Ufan’s new sculpture exhibit at Versailles as ArtNet describes his work http://news.artnet.com/in-brief/lee-ufan-exhibition-storms-versailles-39258

Ufan believes that a work of art is “not an autonomous and independent entity, but that it only exists in its relation to the outside world.”

Isn’t this premise so over done? Or alternately, doesn’t every artist strive to do this very thing — compose a work that is conceptual and has a deeper meaning? So many artists consider this the premise for their work, namely the art’s relationship with its environment. But this is nothing new. I think most artists start with this as a basis and then build in and sculpt additional layers of meaning.

I would hope that being in person in front of these sculptures would enable the observer to perceive these additional layers. Otherwise it’s just over-played and over done.


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