Are Writers Artists?

So I can dream about being an artist, and set up my canvas in the corner of my office, and stare at it a bit, now and then. I can walk through galleries and get excited about openings and gulp down white wine so that I can have a somewhat intelligent conversation with the person next to me.

But I’m a writer. I was thinking that was as far from being an artist as possible. They use different instruments, different platforms. Are appreciated by very different types of people. Books are portable; art is usually not. Art you have around for a long time; books you toss on the used book shelf at the library.

But K.M.Weiland, an author, has written this on her blog:

As one of the most structured forms of art, writing is very much a left-brain pursuit. We put our intellect to work every time we sit down and start thinking about three-act story arcs, complex vs. compound sentences, gerunds and participles, keeping our characters in character, and organizing our subplots. Our desks are cluttered with notes and reminders; our bulletin boards teem with sketches, maps, and timelines; and our filing cabinets are jammed with draft upon draft of our novels. There’s a lot to think about in this writing game.

So can I consider myself an artist? I would be so honored!


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