The Year in Art

In a pictorial that summarizes the major art trends for 2009, the New York Times captured Holland Carter’s view:

“Artwise, there were still big-deal shows – Afghan gold at the Met, Arshile Gorky in Philadelphia, Titian & Co. in Boston – but our major museums were mainly in austerity mode, concentrating on small, collection-based exhibitions, a pattern likely to hold for years.”

While I did notice that the Cleveland Museum of Art’s Gauguin exhibit this year used many works from its own collection, this isn’t a new phenomena for the museum. Looking back at the exhibitions over the past two years, the museum has incorporated many of its own works in shows, and several — including the Arms and Armor, Monet to Dali, and Van Gogh to Picasso — highlighted primarily CMA-owned works. They’ve been busy — co-curating shows while keeping up with a massive renovation that extends into 2014.

Artistic Luxury: Fabergé Tiffany Lalique
Oct 19, 2008 to Jan 18, 2009

Arms and Armor from Imperial Austria
Feb 24 – Jun 01, 2008
Icons of American Photography
Jun 24 – Sep 16, 2007
Shiva: A Recent Acquisition
Jun 24, 2007 to Jan 13, 2008
Ansel Adams: A Legacy
May 20 – Aug 19, 2007
Building for the Future
May 08, 2007 to Jun 18, 2008
Monet in Normandy
Feb 18 – May 28, 2007

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