With Amateur Photographers, the World is a Visual Oyster

Dariusz Dziala: Grand Carnival Costume Splash

Dariusz Dziala: This was taken at the Grand Carnival Costume Splash in London, where costumes for the Notting Hill Carnival are previewed

Got a picture that would be perfect for the [UK Guardian’s] Your Photographs section? We’re looking for snaps from around the world related to the arts or culture – from pop gigs, to street graffiti, book signings, modern architecture and visual art exhibitions. Anything, really, as long as it is bold, imaginative and original.

Professional media photographers can only do so much; they can only be in so many places. That’s why I love these “data calls” by major presses for amateur photographs. By doing so, with so many scattered tentacles around to take photos, the world becomes a visual oyster.

I just love the pic above. Costumes are fabulous. It reminds me of a pic I took at Barcelona’s Textile Museum of swirling opera costumes in shimmery taffeta. (In my case, the amazing subject matter more than made up for the fact that I am a very, very amateur photographer.)


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