Art: What Does It All Mean?

Art as Experience

Art21 has an excellent list of books on art education that are required reading! I’m going straight to my local bookstore to check out these titles.

John Dewey’s Art as Experience
Based on John Dewey’s lectures on esthetics, delivered as the first William James Lecturer at Harvard in 1932, Art as Experience has grown to be considered internationally as the most distinguished work ever written by an American on the formal structure and characteristic effects of all the arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, music, and literature.

Elliot Eisner’s The Arts and the Creation of Mind
Eisner presents strong arguments for the inclusion of aesthetics as a core element of the school curriculum. He firmly addresses assessment and evaluation in the arts, proposing a shift from the evaluation of outcomes to the evaluation of process.

Anne-Celine Jaeger’s Image Makers, Image Takers: Interviews with Today’s Leading Curators, Editors and Photographers
This guide to photography draws upon in-depth interviews with established photographers from the fields of fashion, art, portraiture, documentary photography, and advertising as well as comments from picture editors, curators, agency directors, and publishers who reveal what they look for when choosing an image.



  1. Justin – From his book Art as Experience:

    …works of art are the most intimate and energetic means of aiding individuals to share in the arts of living.


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