Dead Butterflies and the King of Cycling


Lance, je t’aime, but what were you thinking?

The bike is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Damien Hirst created a brand-spankin’ new one for Lance to ride on the last stage of this year’s Tour de France that wrapped itself 8 loops along the Champs Elysees. It was covered in real butterfly wings. Ahh. Is there anything more beautiful?

But let’s come to a screeching halt here: does Hirst create beautiful art? I’m not entirely sure this is his thing. Projects such as the shark in formaldehyde, etc. etc. have all been, well, grotesque. Is creating the sense of beauty an entirely new endeavor for Hirst?

So back on the bike…  Couldn’t they have used fake butterfly wings? Hirst said no, that he was going after the irridescence and shimmer that only real wings could exude. But those poor butterflies…

Which begs the question, does art need to be stark raving real to be beautiful? Don’t synthetics have a place?

Also, is  Hirst saying that Lance is a dead butterfly?


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