Art Fabulosity

Julie Evans

Julie Evans

Because of this blog I look at a lot — a lot — of art. And there are two artists that I’ve seen that I would pull out the piggy bank for. Julie Evans is one of them. I went to her blog and I struggled — struggled! — to find my favorite. This is not my favorite. Alas, I loved them all.  (I picked straws.)

This art is getting me — sooo — crazy that I’m — going —  like this — a lot. I guess it’s my subliminal way of saying SIT UP, TAKE NOTICE, I LOVE THIS.

WOW. I guess I can bare it all and say what I like on my walls – very organic, fluid, textural pieces. Dreamy is good. Sometimes delicate, sometimes severe (depends on my mood). Sometimes in your face. Political pieces (ok, now I’m moving to the other end of the spectrum). Centering again… indecipherable subject matter, somthing that vaguely resembles something else (keeps you thinking). Colors that work in harmony and don’t fight. A variation of shades of one color. Things that are unrecognizable (maybe I said that already).

OK, oops, I can’t help — can’t help — but post one more.


Julie Evans again

Julie Evans again


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