Fashionista in Budapesta

OK, photography, sculpture, works on paper, time to take a backseat. I’m all about the Budapest clothing designers today.

WAMP (WAsárnapi M?vész Piac) is the Hungarian designers association that follows the example of the London and New York markets. They hold a monthly forum for design and applied-art products, which creates a more intense relationship between artists and potential buyers through interaction. The theme of WAMP changes each year (see photo above — I can’t quite tell what that is — angels? angelic?).

“Soft Is The New Cool” was the slogan of the Hungarian design fair in May 2009 in New York Design Week. WAMP appeared in Hungarian Cultural Center New York . (By the way, the Hungarian Center website is really fantastical – they recently held an “Extremely Mustache Contest” where the winner won two round trip tickets to Budapest. “Stay tuned,” they say “for the adventures of Amit in Budapest… Coming soon!” You better believe I’ll tune in!) Maybe this is the winner, Amit:


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