Cover Art

Dada in Paris - Dada inside and outside

Dada in Paris - Dada inside and outside

Above is a new cover for “Dada in Paris” – pretty cheeky, huh? Why? Because — as the Book Design Blog on NYTimes Books writes —

The MIT Press has reissued Michel Sanouillet’s seminal Dada in Paris. Before you say this isn’t Dada enough for you, read the National Gallery of Art’s description of Dadaist typography: “Dadaists delighted in uncoventional typographic design, frequently mixing fonts employing unorthodox punctuation, printing both horizontally and vetically on a single sheet, and sprinkling texts with randomly chosen printers’ symbols.” I call this close enough and pretty delightful.

I like this because the composition is simple, with just enough embellishment to provide clues to the genre and topic. I like that it’s off-kilter, which lends a certain romance.  The cover content works here because it is pushing a simple premise: a (non-fiction) overview of Dada in Paris. If this was a novel, I think that it would need one added element: an image to convey the setting or a character in the plot. Cozying up to the character/setting on the cover pulls the reader in.


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