The Dawn of the Metrocurator

The New Curator  has come up with a new concept (at least to me) of curating in big cities where there’s a lot to curate: Metrocurator. New Curator defines it like this:

Metrocurators is the term I used to describe a new generation of curator that’s lightweight, deals in very little bureaucracy, has a DIY attitude because of very limited funds and basically is running all over a city pushing small outbreaks of museums into public spaces.

It’s fabulous concept, and the article goes on to explain that the metrocurators might get their “stuff” from venture culturalists (another brilliant concept, but that’s not new). But why is this metrocurator concept new? Is it because we hoard our art? Is it because no one has been stricken with the idea that they could ship out their art on loan? Or maybe they think that their collection is paltry and nobody would want to look at it (I’m in this category). Or that they have a random grouping of art and it doesn’t work collectively (but I think the point of metrocurating is that it’s pulled together from various places anyway, to culminate in an exhibition.) Or maybe people are just too busy to go to the trouble. Too busy to share.

I’m not sure where the museum would be housed (has the metrocurator snagged a downtown loft with brilliant lighting?). I don’t think people who do have art to offer would want the random public traipsing through their home.

I think it’s a concept that needs molding & sculpting. But it’s a great one.


One comment

  1. The metrocurator would display stuff right on the street. Well, possibly on the street. There would need to be a lot of work to find suitable places, but the point is to abandon the idea of museums and galleries being restricted to buildings.

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