Get Up and Get Out

Get up and get out. This is my M.O. when it’s a dreary afternoon in what is supposedly spring (we’re still in the mid-50’s!).  So I hooked up with a gallery tour in the wilds of downtown Cleveland this weekend. Great art, cheap wine, stimulating conversation. Wanted so much, bought too much, pined away for that artsy lifestyle. One gallerist in his loft studio took us up on the roof to a magnificent skyline of downtown Cleveland. (Yes, even amid the fog and smog it was impressive.) I wondered why — in these cool spaces — they didn’t host a monthly art fusion. I’d be there in a heartbeat. The restored brick buildings converted to lofts, with tons of great art hanging out on the exposed brick walls is intoxicating. A metalurgist had vintage tables set up with all the tools you’d need to hammer out a ring right then and there. Walls of art history/gemology/portrait books showed where these people had come from. It was like an island of coolness, so distant from suburbia, and the corpora-tivity of downtown.

A perfect place to go when you want to get up and get out. Next time, I might just walk away with a hole in my pocket, but with something fabulous like this. Or better yet, make something like this:

Todd Pownell

Todd Pownell


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