The Sticker (and its message?) Sticks

EnjoyBanking's political stickers

EnjoyBanking's political stickers

When does political art become bubbly and cutesy? I guess recently in NYC… The recent economic downturn has inspired a varied group of artists (economists, photographers, filmmakers, etc.) to create EnjoyBanking, a politically charged campaign that plasters bubbly stickers all over NYC. The signs read “Enjoy Credit Crunch,” “Enjoy Bailout Package,” “Enjoy Golden Parachutes,” etc. They pack a considerable punch, delivering a pretty serious message in light undertones. Where graffiti is mostly associated with gangs and reads language in gobbledygook undecipherable by the average passersby (granted, it has been embraced as a medium in art exhibits too), the EnjoyBanking project is clear in its message. Graffiti seems more randomly placed, whereas these stickers are deliberate and targeted. The project has also been methodically engineered and rolled out:

A few weeks after their first sticker attack appeared, the masterminds behind this economically-charged street art surfaced on Twitter and Flickr to post their thoughts and images for the world to see. After a few weeks of watching to see where this project would lead, I spotted one gate impressively plastered with the bubbly words near Houston (it was part of NYSAT).


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