Just How Far Can You Go?

grassgreen/sky blue Dineo Bopape

Some artists try to reach beyond every boundary — spatially, politically, etc. They try to move us beyond our zone of comfort. The farther out you can take your viewer, the more success you have. Right? So I found an artist who’s moving outside every possible boundary: South African artist Dineo Seshee Bopape.

Her latest installation at the New Museum is entitled “Ukuthwebula” which “means making somebody into a zombie…the images become alive, and you become dead.” Fascinating concept — that you can even move someone out of their very existence.

I love her vision because she mixes it up, using multiple mediums like video, photography, painting, and performance art. Mish mash. Which is what the world is anyway. There’s RARELY a sense of order about things.

And the whole idea of her pushing beyond geographic boundaries:

The mashup of objects and images she creates is thus indicative of what is happening with the globalization of art today, as artists and their work become increasingly stateless.

But enough about Bopape. How about art critic Kathleen Massara’ s insightful and many-leveled write up on Bopape? I keep coming back  to the fact that a lot of what sustains the art world is the ability of critics to write so perceptively about it.


“containing hidden meanings behind their comfortable façades”

“a discomfiting celebration of objects and images that will, no doubt, cause viewers to question the associations they make and how they make them”

Makes me want to run, not walk, to her opening. Which I would do, of course, if I lived in NYC.


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