Crossover Artists

"Meditation Fruit" Rose Folsom

"Meditation Fruit" Rose Folsom

I’ve been intrigued by a trend to sync up writing and art expression:

In her show at Paula Cooper, Sophie Calle has a gazillion women respond — from the standpoint of their profession — to a breakup letter she received. A magician, singers, translators, a rifle shooter, etc. all react to the text in video or through the written word. the array of sturdy women and the solidarity is indeed empowering.

It’s interesting that for the longest time, writers have been calling it the “art of the written word,” where writers have used words to create images. Now artists are more and more using words to create images.

Here’s another example:

Rose Folsom is an amazing calligrapher who has migrated the art of writing toward the fine arts…One thing that impresses itself on th viewer is that the writing is not immediately decipherable…It demands a closer look. There is an attempt to communicate somthing… We are not merely the passive receivers of the words, but we are asked to participate in a conversation. (See above “Mediation Fruit”)


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