Obsessed, Deluded, & Dirty in Bologna

I was researching galleries in  Bologna, Italy (long story), and stumbled on the Galleria Marabini. Currently, they are showing Turps Banana 2, an exhibition of works by twelve painters (one of whom is Damien Hirst) that range anywhere from “technically sophisticated paintings of ‘fairy tale’ like pictures that are attractively odd and enticing” to “Victorian paintings that have been changed, adapted or interfered with to the point of the ridiculous and macabre.”

But what is most interesting is the curator’s description of their bi-annual art journal and themselves. Gotta love artists. (And what’s up with the name of the journal?)

turps-logo(Turps Banana)

No Advertising.
No Backers.
No Professional Critics.
No Life Style Drivel.

Just obsessive, self absorbed, deluded, lonely, dirty, penniless, alcoholic painters discussing what they love most.

Turps Banana is the only painting magazine written exclusively by painters.


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