Get Too Fancy, Lose the Message

prada061      prada03
Prada’s Transformer structure in Seoul, South Korea

In its efforts to combine architecture with fashion, Prada has created a bohemeth of a structure to display a 100-skirt exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. And by bohemeth, I mean sort of bizarro when the twain meet. I like the skirts, and I like the structure. But the two doth not mix.

“Waiste Down — Skirts by Miuccia Prada” will be displayed in the Transformer, a white tent-like structure that will metamorphose into various new shapes/structures. In successive morphings, it will host an art exhibition, film festival, and fashion show.

Cool idea. At first. But then when you think about what the real point of it is, I’m not so sure. Mustn’t Prada sell skirts to stay in business? However, in the designer’s obsession to engage the “cool factor” I think I’m forgetting what the whole darn point is about. Which is… the skirts! (Right?) But I’m more blown out of the water by the structure than the skirts. In fact, skirts? What skirts? I guess the bottom line doesn’t always have to be about the business line, but in this case, why bother if you lose the skirts for the metaphorical trees?

It’s important to create a marketing environment that doesn’t overpower what you are trying to sell. The environment should enhance, not overwhelm the VIP (or VIS – Very Important Skirts). A little more “white space” perhaps would give the viewer more breathing room to enjoy those skirts. Prada, don’t be so overzealous. Though I’m still jealous. Of your skirts.


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