We get a little crazy…

AN upcoming exhibition in NYC at the Gagosian Gallery showcases Picasso’s later works. During this period he drew heavily from the tertulia — “an iberian tradition of gregarious social gatherings with literary or artistic overtones” (was this Spain’s version of Paris’ salons?). The subjects are brazen, colorful, full of texture (perhaps imitating Picasso’s multifarious pursuits in paint, sculture, sketching). Were these self-portraits, in a figurative sense?

And shouldn’t we expect Picasso, in his works done later in life, to reflect the spiral of depreciating sanity we all go through? I see it — daresay in myself and others —  a little less conformity, a little less patience… a little less lemming-like.

Pablo Picasso Mosqueteros
Pablo Picasso Mosqueteros

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